Our new “RV Park” is now at the Chiriqui Storage location on the road from David to Boquete

Space: Max: 10 units of 25 ft or less; 6 to 8 units of 30 plus ft.

Security: 6 ft chain link fence with 10″ razor wire on top around the entire property; live in manager; motion lights, security cameras, guard dogs.

Hookups: Potable water, 30 Amp Power, Dump in existing septic tank ($10 per dump), wi-fi around office

•   Daily:  Units to 20 ft. -$10 per day; 20 to 30 ft. -$15 per day; Over 30 ft. – $20 per day..
•   Weekly:  Units to 20 ft. -$60;  20 to 30 ft. – $90; Over 30 ft. – $120.
•   Monthly:  Units to 20 ft.- $240;  20 to 30 ft.- $350; Over 30 ft. $400.
•   Electricity.
•   Units with NO air conditioning – $4 per day.
•   Units with air conditioning equipment (even if you say you are not going to use it) – $6 per day.
•   Cars in tow are $ 1 per day per car. Car may have to be parked elsewhere on property

Co-ordinates: 8° 35′ 30. 90″ N,  82° 25′ 15. 99″ W ,   Elevation:  1028 ft.

Directions:  We are on the main road from Boquete to David City located on the Boquete-David Road Northbound 17km marker; southbound 20km Getting Around: The town of Dolega is 2 ½ km to the south. David is 17 Km to the south, Boquete is approx. 18 km to the north. Taxis are about $ 2-3 to Dolega, $10 to David, $10 to Boquete. We are on the major bus route between David and Boquete.  $1 to David and probably $1 to Boquete – one way.  (to Dolega 50 cents)

Other Info:

There are several restaurants within 10km.  Closest is Totos just south by 1.7km (across the Terpel station) serving pizzas in the evening. Others are typical Panamanian restaurants, like La Dona Tere, Brisas Dolegania, in Dolega.

About our property.
…Area is 2.5 acres.
…Our main business is self storage.
…The campground is still under development and is not yet a US style RV Park.
…In time we intend it to be so with about 30 to 40 spaces with all the facilities.
…If you don’t mind roughing just a little bit we will be able to accommodate you.