Here you go – and I mean every word!

“Helmut and Linda not only provide a reliable, safe and secure service, but they also cater personally to their clients’ needs and are very flexible and friendly!”

Thanks for your service!

Mark Wilson




To whom it may concern:

I have done business with Linda and Helmut at Chiriqui Storage for a year or 2 and have been treated wonderfully all the time. Their place is clean and organized and safe. Definitely give them a try.


Guy Craig


Holly Carter

My husband and I moved to Boquete from California nearly 3 years ago and we shipped a container of our personal belongings.  We knew we’d be building a home and that we would have to find a place to store all our things until we were ready to move.  We had read many good things  about Chiriqui Storage on different social media sites before our move and decided to check it out and see if it would be a good option for us.  Well…that was a long time ago and let me tell you, it’s been a great place to store our cherished belongings.  Linda & Hellmut are such good people and we’ve felt so confident that our storage unit is well looked after and that any necessary maintenance is addressed in a timely manner.  We just can’t say enough good things about our experience with Chiriqui Storage.


One part of our move to Boquete, was to find a good place to keep our “belongings”.  Thanks Chiriqui Storage, you made a great job. Thanks to Linda, Hellmut and Alexis for all your care.  

Luis & Carmen Botero 

Carmen Elisa Restrepo de Botero


gail cody


Good Morning, Just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide our community. Not only safe and secure storage that is easy to get to, but the monthly Flea market is awesome! You have been a wonderful help to our charity, Buenos Vecinos,  in giving us a reduced rate to store donated rice product and free space at the market when we need a spot to raise money. Thanks again!! Gail co-chair BVB


Elizabeth Whitcraft

Dear Linda and Helmut, 

It has been a pleasure working with you this past year when we came back to the US.   We decided on storage as we worked out our future plans.  Only those items that we felt were family heirlooms were put in storage with you.  This was about 200 cubic feet.  All of our furniture and electronics were left with our former roommates because we could repurchase them when we settled in the US, and the shipping would have cost more than the value of those items. 

You assisted us and the movers in handling the locks (having to replace them earlier, as well), pick up times and you were kind enough to send us photos as this was being done.  Really, how many people would be so considerate of their clients?  I hope I thanked you enough as this was going on!

We are so grateful to you for your cooperation and would recommend you to anyone!


Betsy Whitcraft


Dear Chiriqui Storage,   Thank you so much for a great safe place to store my furniture.  After more than a year, it was still clean and in great condition.  I never worried for a second that it was in jeopardy for damage or theft.  I would recommend your facility to anyone.   Best regards, Betty Gray


Approximately four years ago I had items transferred from my storage in the States to here, specifically Chiriqui Storage.  Even though I have slowly reduced these “essentials”,  there is no other place i would choose to store them.  Thank you, Helmut and Linda for a safe, dry, secure location to keep these “treasures”– imagined or real.

Beth Allen


David Lemmon

Hi Linda & Hellmut – My testimonial is below.  Thanks again and best wishes.  David


I used Chiriqui Storage for about 2 years before moving on from Panama.  A very convenient location for either Boquete or David.  Their pricing is very reasonable and the units are clean and easily accessible.  I particularly appreciated that the owners were on-site most of the time and were a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful.  They were also prompt to respond to emails and even helped me arrange the transfer of my belongings while I was in the US, saving me an airfare.  I highly recommend Chiriqui Storage.

We just want to pass on a few words of the great service that Chiriquí Storage and Linda and Hellmut gave us on our moving transition from the U.S. to Panama. They help coordinate everything with our local movers B & B. They stayed late (very) to make sure that our belongings got transferred and stored properly. When it came time to move into our new home they were there to help facilitate a smooth move. Their storage units are clean, well maintain, and secure, at a very reasonable price. I can’t say enough of their great, friendly, courteous service. My wife and I highly recommend them for your storage needs. Don and Merry





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